What is the difference between a pre-order on this website and making an in-stock order on your online shop?

For items such as cakes, custom designed cookies/donuts etc or for over 1 dozen of certain items you will have to request an order on this website on our MENU page. This will be a minimum of one week in advance for any order.

Our online shop has treats for same week pick up or delivery. Head here when you want to see what new items we have available and when you are needing something for next day or in the same week.

We are open 10-3 Tuesdays to Saturdays and 9-1 Sundays to shop in-store!

How are you making things contactless during COVID-19?

If you are needing to keep things contact free, we are offering delivery and curbside pick up options. Payment will be taken ahead of time and you will notify us when you arrive to pick up your order.

We will bring your items to our bench outside and you can grab when we are back inside.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Manchester Business Centre just off of 42nd Avenue SE. We are in the same building as a WALDO Distributions, just right around the corner. It’s hard to see us from the street, so just drive into the parking lot and keep driving around the building until you see our sign.

I’m lost, how do I find you?

We have a great marked out map under the Contact page to make your journey to our shop easier. If you have any questions about where we are located, please call us at 587.356.1225.

What are your hours of operation?

Our Shop is open Tuesdays to Saturdays 10:00 – 3:00, and Sundays 9:00 – 1:00

How do I place an order?

To place an order, head to our MENU and chose all the items you will be needing! We will contact you to confirm the order and receive payment. Or feel free to email us at orders@prettysweetco.com or for a faster response time give us a call at 587-356-1225.

* Please allow one-weeks notice for all orders.

* Please note some weeks do fill up quicker than others, so when you know your date and what you would like to order, don’t hesitate!

* For larger orders, 2 weeks notice is appreciated.

  • To ensure a smooth ordering process, please include this information in your order request
  • The date you are needing the order for the size of cake and/or how many people you are wanting to serve
  • Flavour of cake, cupcakes, donuts, treats etc
  • Any pictures or design ideas that will help us better understand your vision

For weddings please email Vicki at vicki@prettysweetco.com.

Do I always need to place an order?

Our Cakes and Custom Items are by order only. There are times we have cakes available, however, we suggest you always place an order for these items.
We also have an online shop that you will be able to order for next day pick up or delivery. Head to the home page for the link!

Do you have cakes available for purchase at the shop?

We do our cakes by order only, as we like to custom make each cake for our customers. We do have other treats available for purchase during our retail hours/online shop

Does your cake need to be refrigerated?

We recommend you keep the cake at room temperature if you plan on serving it the same day you picked up. If you are not serving the cake until the next day, we recommend you refrigerate the cake overnight and then pull the cake out a couple of hours before serving. If you are having your event outside on a hot day please use your discretion, keep the cake in the fridge until the party and then pull out to have on display.

How long can the donuts and cupcakes last for?

We recommend serving the donuts and cupcakes the same day you pick up to ensure optimal freshness. They can, however, be stored in a cool dry place overnight to help them stay fresh.

How many people will my cake feed?

Our cakes page has all the info you need about cake sizing and serving sizes!