*We are fully booked for pre-orders for this week*
But check out our Online Retail Shop for same week pick up or delivery items!
Due to the rise in Covid numbers, we will not be taking orders in person at the shop, to place a pre-order please call, email or order online!
* Minimum order of one dozen per size


Regular | $32.00 per dozen | ~ 3 inch
Middle | $24.00 per dozen | ~ 2 inch
Baby | $18.00 per dozen | ~ 1 inch

One regular dozen can have up to 4 different flavors
One middle dozen can have up to 3 different flavors
One baby dozen can have up to 2 different flavors

Assortments can be accommodated with the flavors we have on the go for that day*

Vanilla Bean | Chocolate | Raspberry | Strawberry | Blueberry | Lemon | Grapefruit | Cotton Candy | Cinnamon Sugar | Fruity Pebble | Birthday Cake | S'mores | Maple | Raspberry Rose | Chocolate Cherry | Strawberry White Chocolate | Rootbeer | Champagne | Bubblegum | Chocolate Caramel Pretzel | Cookies + Cream | Cinnamon Toast Crunch | Peanut Butter Chocolate | London Fog | Chai | Matcha

Custom colours can be accommodated with the following flavors: vanilla bean, birthday cake, cotton candy, and champagne.

Please allow a minimum of one weeks notice for any order | *For larger orders, two weeks or more notice is appreciated

**If you are inquiring about an order with less than one weeks notice you must order on our online retail shop

For wedding inquiries email:


Please note that we do book up quite quickly some weeks and have the tendency to be fully booked for some weekends weeks in advance.

If you know the date you would like to order, let us know!