Pretty Sweet Weddings

At Pretty Sweet, we celebrate desserts and cakes of all shapes and sizes to bring forth an inspired product from beginning to end.

We love working with couples to create beautiful cakes as unique and special as their love story.

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Due to the rise in Covid numbers, we will not be taking orders in person at the shop, to place a pre-order please call, email or order online!

Cake Sizing and Base Prices

Wedding cakes are one of Pretty Sweet‘s favourite things! We love making a beautiful cake that fits perfectly into your special day.

Final pricing is determined for each wedding individually. Pricing will depend on the size of the event, headcount, number of items, size of cake, level of detail, design etc. Everything goes into consideration to make your cake or sweets as unique as your wedding day.

Here are some commonly-ordered cake sizes including serving sizes and base pricing.*

Suggested serving size for a cake slice is 2“ x 1“.

Two-Tiered Cakes

Cake Size

8 + 6 inches
40 servings // $200.00*

Cake Size

10 + 7 inches
55 servings // $250.00*

Three-Tiered Cakes

Cake Size

10 + 8 + 6 inches
80 servings // $390.00*

Cake Size

12 + 9 + 6 inches
100 servings // $430.00*

* Base pricing includes a smooth white buttercream cake with no additions or embellishments. If you have questions about receiving an accurate quote for the cake you are envisioning, please contact us.

Cake Slice

Consultations and Tasting Appointments

We are currently not booking in-person appointments. Please send us an email if you would like to schedule a video or phone call for a consultation.

To book a cake tasting, click here

To book a donut or dessert tasting, email


Tastings to-go are $14.00 to $22.00

We have 4 different tasting options:

  1. Cake tastings are $20.00 and include 6 types of icing and 4 types of cake.
  2. Donut tastings are $14.00 and include 6 donut flavours.
  3. Cake and Donut tastings are $22.00 an include 2 paired cake and icing options, and 6 donut flavours.
  4. Dessert tastings are $22.00 and include 2 paired cake and icing options, 4 donut flavours, and a few other dessert items that you are interested in.