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Due to the rise in Covid numbers, we will not be taking orders in person at the shop, to place a pre-order please call, email or order online!
* A minimum order of one dozen per item/flavor is required

Sugar Cookies

$34.00+ per dozen

Sugar Cookies | shaped cookies topped with fondant with minimal design ($32.00+)

Imprinted Sugar Cookies | round or simple shaped cookies topped with fondant, with words or initials imprinted into the fondant ($34.00)

Hand-painted Sugar Cookies | round or simple shaped cookies topped with fondant, hand painted with florals or greenery ($36.00+)

Edible Image Sugar Cookies | round sugar cookies with an edible printed photo or logo of your choice ($36.00)



$20.00 per dozen

Birthday Cake Cookies | vanilla cake cookies filled with confetti sprinkles, they taste just like a birthday cake!

Chocolate Chunk | classic dark chocolate chunk cookie with a small sprinkling of salt

Peanut Butter Cookies | the old classic

Brown Butter Snickerdoodles | vanilla cookie with a touch of cinnamon and tang, rolled and baked in cinnamon sugar

Gingersnaps | dark and chewy ginger cookies rolled and baked in cane sugar

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies | soft dark chocolatey cookies rolled and baked in icing sugar or cane sugar

The Munchies | light chocolate cookies filled with ruffle chips, pretzels, pecans, dark chocolate, cap't crunch, marshmallows and salted caramel chips

Cereal Crunch | a brown sugar vanilla base filled with cornflakes, rice krispies, corn pops , white chocolate, and rolled in fruity pebbles


Sandwich Cookies

$43.00 per dozen

Birthday Cake Sandwich Cookies | birthday cake cookies sandwiched with vanilla bean buttercream

Oreos | chewy chocolate cookies sandwiched with vanilla bean buttercream

Red Velvet | chocolatey red velvet cookies sandwiched with cream cheese frosting

Gingersnap | dark and chewy gingersnaps sandwiched with spiced buttercream

Snickerdoodle | light and buttery snickerdoodles sandwiched with a caramel buttercream

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel | chewy chocolate cookies rolled in crushed pretzels, sandwiched with salted caramel icing and a salted caramel drizzle

Cotton Candy | cotton candy sugar cookies sandwiched with cotton candy swirled buttercream

Please allow a minimum of one weeks notice for any order | *For larger orders, two weeks or more notice is appreciated

**If you are inquiring about an order with less than one weeks notice you must call us rather than email.

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Please note that we do book up quite quickly some weeks and have the tendency to be fully booked for some weekends weeks in advance.

If you know the date you would like to order, let us know!